Our primary affiliate company SealEco supplies water and weather protection systems for increased service life of buildings and other types of constructions.

They have a wide range of membranes and systems for roofing, air- and waterproofing of facades, tanking, secondary containment, reservoirs and landfills.  SealEco are part of Nordic Waterproofing with headquarters located in Höganäs, Sweden.  SealEco employs some 330 people and has a yearly turnover of about 90 M Euro. Their head office, production facilities and warehouse is located in Värnamo, Sweden.

Focus on the environment
Environmental protection and care comes naturally to a supplier of products that contribute to the conservation of water, as well as the protection of goods and property from water leakage and moisture. SealEco rubber membranes are chemically stable and contain no problematic additives such as plasticisers, heat- or UV-stabilisers. They do not release any substances that cause allergies or hazards to the environment. Recycling options are available for membranes reclaimed from old installations.