Quality and environment

Australian Environmental Mining Solutions offers innovative air-, sound- and water resistant products and systems, making it possible to save on energy and environment, as well as increasing the service life of buildings and other types of constructions.

Our customers should always feel that our products as well as our commitment correspond to their needs and expectations. This is achieved through quality driven team work where each single activity in combination with all other activities in our organisation result in satisfied and returning customers.

Guidelines for Australian Environmental Mining Solutions
  • Product development and production shall be conducted with the aim to minimise the consumption of raw material and energy.
  • When choosing suppliers we should consider take into account the supplier’s commitment to environmental issues.
  • We shall minimise disturbances regarding noise and smell.
  • We shall develop and motivate our employees and co-workers.
  • We shall within established time frames and established quality, deliver products and services to our customers.
  • We shall constantly improve our way of working and aim for better results.
  • We shall follow laws, recommendations and other requirements applying to our business, as well as work towards constant improvements within the area of quality and environment.