About us

Australian Environmental Mining Solutions offers water and weather protection systems for increased service life of secondary containment, landfills, resevoirs, and other types of constructions.

-Our philosophy

To offer Environmental Building Envelope Solutions with innovative air-, sound- and water resistant products and systems is the foundation of our vision. However, our vision is much larger – our products and systems should make it possible to save on energy and environment, as well as increasing comfort and the service life of buildings and other constructions. Our Building Envelope Solutions shall continuously be developed to minimize the negative impact on the environment and taking responsibility for a sustainable future. Needs and expectations regarding our products, our commitment and our services should always be fulfilled. We achieve this through quality driven team work where each single activity in combination with all other activities in our organization results in satisfied and returning customers.

-Protection against the elements

Watertight is not enough. Our systems must also be capable of withstanding frost, snow, heat and strong winds without physical or chemical changes that could shorten the service life. All our membranes satisfy statutory requirements and have been tested under the harshest imaginable conditions. Studies show that we have materials that can retain their function for over 50 years at a total cost which is often substantially lower than that of alternatives.
In addition to this the maintenance demand is minimal, making our membranes very attractive and economical options for the user. The durability of our systems is the foundation for us being the Environmental sustainable alternative!

-Trained contractors

Experience has shown that damage and leaks are usually caused by faulty installations. Since a building envelope system is no better than its weakest link, we provide all our contractors with training on our systems: product knowledge, application methods and quality assurance.

-A safe choice

In order for you to feel confident that our systems will perform for many years to come, you benefit from our extensive quality control plan. This plan covers the whole process, from raw materials and manufacturing until the building envelope is in place. Our warranty assurances are also among the most comprehensive in the market.

Australian Environmental Mining SolutionĀ“s commitment:

Innovative, engineered systems
Quality control plan and quality assurance checklist
Installation by trained contractors
Comprehensive warranties
Developments for environmental sustainability